Proven electrolytic scale inhibitor for commercial hot water systems

Sentinel KalGUARD is an electrolytic scale inhibitor kit for commercial hot water systems, an independently-proven, low-maintenance way to protect a property against the damaging and expensive impact of limescale. Where a Sentinel KalGUARD replaces a brine water softener, a return on investment can be delivered usually within 12 months.

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Key features

  • One kit required to protect entire hot and cold water system
  • Independently proven
  • Permanent protection against limescale
  • WRAS approved
  • Can deliver value engineering

Approximately 65% of the UK is supplied with mains water which is described as hard and, when heated, it deposits limescale on heat transfer surfaces and the internal surfaces of pipework and other system components. These deposits can compromise the efficiency of water-heating appliances and systems, making them ultimately more expensive to run. Not only can it be more costly, limescale is also unattractive when encrusted onto shower heads and taps and can be unhygienic, providing a place for bacteria to hide.

Sentinel KalGUARD is a low-maintenance, cost-effective system for preventing this build up in commercial hot water systems. The technology it uses is listed in the UK Building Regulations Part L Building Services Compliance Guide and has been independently proven as effective in preventing the build up of limescale. Since one unit will protect an entire location, Sentinel KalGUARD offers an attractive Value Engineering opportunity. The unit comes with a controller which can be programmed into a site’s BMS, enabling easy monitoring of the Sentinel KalGUARD’s operation.

Instructions for installation are provided with the unit. For additional guidance, please refer to our Sentinel KalGUARD installation video.

Sentinel KalGUARD is available in the following pipe sizes: large (67, 76 and 108mm), medium (28, 35, 42 and 54mm) and small (22mm). If you would like further information about the Sentinel KalGUARD system or to request a quotation for your commercial premises, please contact us.

Please click here for Sentinel's KalGUARD Installation Manual