Ultra-compact filter for powerful magnetic filtration of system debris

Circulating debris in central heating systems can cause wear and premature failure of pumps, valves and heat exchangers. Sentinel Eliminator Vortex250 is the perfect filter solution to protect the system against magnetic debris.

Key features

  • Ultra-compact size
  • Ultra-high performance
  • Straightforward installation and service
  • Easily sited above or below boiler
  • 360˚ rotational T-piece allows flexibility in fitting
  • Most powerful ultra-compact filter on the market

The Sentinel Eliminator Vortex250 represents the next-generation of ultra-compact filters.

The horizontal, front facing filter is designed to be fitted in the most restrictive of spaces whilst delivering fantastic debris capture.

Our newest offering builds on the success of the Eliminator Vortex range and incorporates some new features, such as an integrated isolation valve, avoiding the need for a strip down service; and a front-facing magnet, ensuring that where space is at a premium, no further space is required as the magnet can simply be removed at the front.

Whether fitting above or below a boiler, optimum protection is ensured by the powerful 9000 Gauss magnet assembly and the leak-free design supported by dual seals, sitting within a GRP body and further supported by a forged brass T-piece make this robust, sturdy and reliable filter a winner for all situations.

For the contract/social housing market, check out our dedicated SystemCare page to see how the Vortex250 package can be utilised effectively in these settings.