How To: Check X100 Inhibitor Levels

I want to check on site that there is sufficient Sentinel X100 Inhibitor in the system

About the problem

You know there is Sentinel X100 Inhibitor in the system but you’re not sure if the levels are sufficient for protection – how can you check?

It is important to periodically check inhibitor levels in a central heating system. Maintaining the correct dosage is crucial to ensuring ongoing protection against the build up of corrosion and limescale. Although Sentinel X100 Inhibitor provides long-lasting protection for systems, unforeseen circumstances can sometimes compromise the level of inhibitor in the system – there may be a hidden leak or your customers may remove a radiator to decorate and then top up the system with fresh water.

For this reason, we recommend checking inhibitor levels at the annual boiler service.

The solution

We offer a simple solution in the form of the Sentinel X100 Quick Test Kit.

Before performing the test, you should allow any Sentinel X100 Inhibitor that has been added to the system to circulate for a minimum of 15 minutes to allow the product to be evenly distributed. The following video shows the process:

Here are the six simple steps for conducting the test:

  1. Place a number 1 tablet and a number 2 tablet into the test tube provided. These are clearly marked.
  2. Fill the tube to the top with a water sample taken from the central heating system.
  3. Plug the top of the tube and shake vigorously.
  4. Allow to stand for 10 minutes, shaking from time to time. The solution should change colour during this time.
  5. After 10 minutes have passed, place the tube against the white part of the shade chart provided. If the contents of the tube are:
    • a deeper yellow than or the same depth as the ‘Standard’ yellow band, the concentration of Sentinel X100 Inhibitor is satisfactory for system protection.
    • a lighter yellow, add more Sentinel X100 Inhibitor to the system, allow to circulate fully and repeat the test.
  6. After use, carefully rinse the tube in tap water.
Sentinel X100 Quick Test Kit showing underdosed inhibitor
Add more Sentinel X100 Inhibitor
Sentinel X100 Quick Test Kit showing correct dosage

We recommend repeating this test at each annual service to maintain the protection level of the system.

For more information about our best practice recommendations for durable system protection, find out more about The Sentinel System.

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