The fast and easy way to clean and protect hydronic heating systems

Clean dirty hydronic heating systems, protect against future issues and maintain system performance with Sentinel Rapid-Dose™.


  • Unique twist and dose adapter that gives hands free dosing for the most difficult to access systems
  • One can is sufficient to treat a typical domestic hydronic heating system
  • Easy-dose design


  • Can discharges into the system in 30 seconds
  • No need to de-pressurise the system*
  • Twist and dose system

Simple to dose

Our dosing adapter allows for simple dosing, The adapter also features our visible bullet, which prevents water from escaping the system and provides visible confirmation of dosing.

*Important: Switch off the boiler and allow to cool. The system pressure should be less than 33 PSI when the product is applied. Never attempt to dose into a hot system.

Dose via 3/4" boiler drain valve

  1. Locate the drain valve.
  2. Screw adapter onto drain valve. Tighten with spanner.
  3. Slowly open the drain valve. The black bullet should move towards the can end of the adapter to form a seal and prevent fluid loss from the system. Catch any escaped fluid with a rag.
  4. Insert the male can adapter into the female bayonet socket. Push in and rotate the adapter. The chemical product will now automatically flow into the system.
  5. When the chemical has completely emptied into the system (after ~ 30 seconds), the bayonet connection can then be released. Catch any excess fluid with a rag.
  6. Close the drain valve.
  7. Remove the adapter from the drain valve.