Effective, easy cleaning for dirty heating systems

Powerflushing is a method of accelerating the process of cleaning a hydronic heating system. The Sentinel JetFlush 90 powerflushing unit enables faster, easier cleaning for problematic, dirty hydronic heating systems, helping restore optimum efficiency in a shorter space of time than non-mechanical cleaning methods.

Key features

  • Rapid removal of system debris
  • Easy to handle and operate
  • Integral fresh water flush capacity
  • Instant flow reversal
  • Complete with hoses and fittings
  • Self-priming for ease and safety
  • High flow rate for maximum cleaning
  • Reversible dumping facility
  • Ergonomic design

The Sentinel JetFlush C90 is designed to be used in conjunction with the Sentinel range of chemical cleaning products for the safe and easy removal of sludge and debris from central heating systems. This alleviates the problems of cold radiators, boiler noise, and other blockages or circulation issues within the system.

The unit has a number of features which make it an easy-to-use powerflushing device, such as its instant flow reversal, enabling powerful cleaning action and integral fresh water flush facility, which allows direct flush to waste of all debris and not returned to the system.

Powerflushing enables a thorough, rapid clean to restore optimum efficiency to a dirty system in a shorter space of time than other cleaning methods.

JETFLUSH is a trademark of Sentinel Performance Solutions Limited and is registered as UK Trade Mark No. 2211534.

View and download the installation manual below.

JetFlush C90 Manual

Material of Construction:

HD polyethylene tank

Tank Capacity:

Max: 15 US gallons


Height: 35"

Diameter: 23"

Width: 15"

Weight empty: 50 pounds

Weight full: 175 pounds

Power Requirements:

120V 60Hz single phase motor

Nominal rating: 0.75HP

Full load current: 13amperes

NEMA 5-15p plug

Pressure Rating:

Recirculating: 13 psi

Against closed valve: 36 psi

Flow Rates:

Recirculation: 39 gpm maximum


2 x 16.5 foot, ¾" I.D. flow and return hoses

1 x 26 foot, ¾" I.D. discharge hose

1 x 10 foot overflow hose

2 x 1.5 foot circulation pump adaptor hoses

Physical Limitations:

Maximum temperature range: 165ºF