X800 Cleaner Rapid-Dose™Clean

Designed to make dosing fast acting cleaner into older systems quicker than ever.

To quickly remove corrosion deposits and scale in 1 hour, older systems should be cleaned with Sentinel X800 Fast Acting Cleaner to fully restore system efficiency.


  • Unrivalled chemical technology reduces circulation time to just 1 hour
  • Targeted dissolution of corrosion debris
  • Works in cold systems
  • Ideal for powerflushing

Sentinel X800 is a powerful, highly active cleaning agent for use in hydronic heating systems. During conventional circulation cleaning it will remove iron oxide and calcium-based deposits from heat exchangers, radiators and pipe work in as little as one hour; even in cold systems. Its unique composition allows Sentinel X800 to act as a penetrating dispersant under neutral pH conditions, eliminating the need to clean with conventional acids and the problems associated with them. The formulation also contains agents to help protect metal from corrosion. Sentinel X800 is suitable for use with all commonly encountered metals and alloys including aluminium.