X400 Cleaner Rapid-Dose™Clean

For quickly dosing older closed loop hydronic heating systems

Sentinel X400 High-Performance Cleaner is specifically designed for cleaning older central heating systems. It is a non-acid treatment which restores circulation to radiators and pipework. Its ruthlessly efficient formula shifts built-up magnetite sludge, eliminating cold spots in radiators and restoring proper heat distribution.


  • Restores systems suffering with circulation problems
  • Eliminates radiator cold spots
  • Prepares older systems for the installation of new components
  • Has a non-acid formula which does not cause pin-holing or leaks
  • Can be used in all types of indirect heating systems, including those containing aluminium

Sentinel X400 High Performance Cleaner restores a more even heat distribution to the house, keeping the property warmer and bills lower. Reviving an old heating system is a more cost-effective way to return warmth to a property than the installation of a whole new system.

Cleaning an old system before installing a new component also prolongs the effective life of the new component, whether a radiator or a boiler, reducing maintenance and replacement costs.