X100 Inhibitor Rapid-Dose™ Protect

Quickly dose systems for protection of closed loop hydronic heating systems against limescale and corrosion

Sentinel X100 Inhibitor provides protection for clean hydronic heating systems against limescale and corrosion. Suitable for use in all types of indirect heating system, Sentinel X100 Inhibitor will extend the life of the system, ensuring maximum efficiency and minimizing fuel usage.


  • Heavy duty inhibitor
  • Protects against limescale and corrosion
  • TripleTech™ Anti-Corrosion Technology
  • Suitable for all system metals
  • pH neutral formulation
  • Ensures optimum system efficiency
  • Suitable for hard, soft and artificially softened water
  • Helps prevent the formation of hydrogen gas

Limescale and corrosion are the two main causes of hydronic heating inefficiency, leading to radiator cold spots, boiler inefficiency, a noisy system and a number of other problems. Once a system has been prepared using one of the cleaners from the Sentinel cleaning range, it should be protected with Sentinel X100 Inhibitor to prevent limescale build up or corrosion.

Sentinel X100 Inhibitor has TripleTech™ Anti-Corrosion Technology, a unique blend of heavy-duty specialist corrosion inhibitors. Since hydronic heating systems are often made up of a variety of metals, each of these specialist inhibitors provides protection for different metals, delivering unrivalled performance in protection for multi-metal hydronic heating systems.