For Heating Systems

Water treatment in commercial heating systems is essential to avoid corrosion and scale: problems which can result in energy wastage, poor system performance, and the need for early component replacement.

The consequences of poor water treatment include:

  • drastically reduced efficiency;
  • significantly increased energy costs;
  • environmental penalties (CO2 impact);
  • boiler manufacturers' warranties now up to 5-7 years, but poor water treatment failures are usually exempt;
  • asset depreciation;
  • system downtime;
  • complete boiler failure, even within just a few months of commissioning.

All heating systems, however large or small, will work better with good quality water circulating in them, a fact recognised by boiler manufacturers. Sentinel Commercial has products developed specifically for commercial building applications.

The Sentinel System: Clean, Protect, Maintain

Best practice, best solution.

Lifetime protection for heating and hot water systems with the best practice process of Clean, Protect, Maintain.

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BSRIA and ICOM recommend flushing, chemical cleaning, the use of appropriate inhibitors, and the testing of water quality in commercial heating systems.