Peace of Mind in Hydronic Heating Systems with Sentinel Eliminator Vortex Filter

A must-have “insurance policy” for all hydronic heating systems, the new Sentinel Eliminator Vortex Filter supports optimum system longevity, performance and efficiency by removing residual harmful magnetic and non-magnetic debris from circulating water. Residual corrosion debris results from inadequate flushing after system cleaning or the initial formation of corrosion particles, in incorrectly treated heating systems or systems whose protection has become diluted after top-up. Corrosion is harmful, potentially causing a number of problems including excessive energy consumption, breakdowns and premature component failure. By installing the Sentinel Eliminator Vortex filter, heating professionals can help to protect their customers’ heating systems for life, and gain competitive advantage as a result.


The new Sentinel Eliminator Vortex Filter is the company’s most robust, easy to install, and simple to service filter to date. It eliminates all of the major problems heating professionals face with most other brand filters, such as leaks and difficult handling, instead answering the call for a powerful magnetic filter with exceptional build quality (to automotive standards), leak-free and non-blocking design, slim profile and close proximity to pipework.   

Its efficient size, along with in-line installation and 360o rotating T-piece, makes the Eliminator Vortex Filter incredibly quick and easy to fit, saving heating professionals time on the job. Servicing is just as simple, with engineers having the flexibility to either flush the unit when time is short, or wipe it clean after showing collected debris to the homeowner.


Once fitted, heating professionals and householders can rest easy thanks to the filter’s robust construction, which is engineered and tested to meet Sentinel’s exacting quality standards. For example, the Eliminator Vortex filter boasts a pioneering leak-free design and lifetime dual seals which are pressure-tested on every single unit. So confident is Sentinel in the reliability of the Eliminator Vortex Filter that it comes with a 10-year warranty as standard.


The filter’s formidable performance is thanks to its exclusive Vortex Core and powerful neodymium magnet assembly. Inside, circulating water flows around a special axis to locally reduce water flow rate and turbulence; features which improve magnet separation, increase retention, and enable non-magnetic debris to fall out of flow. In addition, should the filter become full it cannot block and will not affect system operation.


Eliminator Vortex takes all of the features installers loved about our previous generation filters, and combines them with powerful magnetic filtration and our unique Vortex Core. More importantly it is providing a belt and brace approach to protecting not only the boiler but all high value components associated within the heating system which could be at risk of blockage and failure from even the smallest of amounts of magnetite present in the system. The filter not only protects the system but also an installers reputation at time where legislations such as the 2020 ECM (Electronically Commutated Motor) demands a more efficient solution. The filter is based on extensive research with heating professionals, who reported leaks, installation and servicing space to be the biggest issues they face with other brand filters. With the Eliminator Vortex, we’ve overcome all of these problems which is not only reliable and installer-friendly, but offers market-leading performance for debris collection,” explained Neil Davies, Marketing Director for Sentinel.


Sentinel’s mission is to offer the greatest range of best practice boiler and system protection products on the market, and the Eliminator Vortex Filter is just the latest offering in a period of unprecedented innovation for the company, which has been a global leader in water treatment for almost 30 years.


The Eliminator Vortex Filter comes in two sizes - a standard Vortex 500 model that’s suitable for most average-sized homes, and a compact Vortex 300 unit for smaller homes and apartments – and is available now from plumbing and heating merchants. For more information visit