Dosing hydronic heating systems with Sentinel’s award-winning and boiler manufacturer- endorsed water treatment chemicals can be done in just 30 seconds using the company’s innovative Rapid-Dose™ aerosol. Featuring a unique pre-assembled adapter and ‘twist and dose’ mechanism (there’s no need to depress a lever or trigger) that allows easy hands-free system dosing, Rapid-Dose™ saves time on site and is ideal for everyday jobs in addition to service, emergency, and pre-dose applications.


The new, no fuss, mess-free Rapid-Dose cans are available with Sentinel X400 High Performance Cleaner and Sentinel X100 Inhibitor. Sentinel X400 Cleaner is designed to remove corrosion and contaminants from circulating water, restoring system efficiency, effectiveness and performance, while Sentinel X100 Inhibitor protects boilers from corrosion and limescale.


Thanks to Sentinel Rapid-Dose, heating professionals can clean and protect hydronic heating systems with Sentinel chemicals faster and easier than ever. Best practice water treatment improves and maintains system energy efficiency, boosts system longevity, and increases performance and reliability. In contrast, the absence of correct water treatment means that corrosion is inevitable and can cause a number of costly issues such as boiler failure, early repairs and parts replacements, breakdowns, higher energy consumption and reduced system effectiveness.


Rapid-Dose’s unique adapter can be used in a number of locations, such as via a radiator, male filling loop stop valve, bleed valve, boiler drain valve, and many filters (via the vent pin). This gives maximum flexibility to the heating professional, even when working on awkward or difficult to reach systems. Plus, the can is just 300ml, making it easy to handle, store and transport.                            


Selecting the right product for the job is easy and quick thanks to Rapid-Dose packaging, which includes either a ‘clean’, ‘protect’ or ‘maintain’ logo depending on the role of the product in the delivery of best practice water treatment.


To use Rapid-Dose, installers simply couple the adapter to a system before engaging the twist and dose can, which is made possible thanks to an innovative bayonet design. A non-return feature, back-check bullet and visible confirmation of dosing all serve to make the process as simple as possible. The innovative ‘bag-in-can’ design ensures a complete dose of product without the introduction of air or gas into the system.


“We have total confidence that installers will love Rapid-Dose. It saves time on site, is incredibly easy to use, can be connected to multiple locations on a system, and there’s no loss of product or spillage. It’s yet another Sentinel product which heating professionals can use to provide superior system protection, and give them the edge over competitors,” said Neil Davies, Marketing Director for Sentinel.


Rapid-Dose is available from plumbing, heating and builders’ merchants.