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The Sentinel System

Our mission is to make best practice solutions simple. To help you achieve optimum performance and reliability for every hydronic heating system you work on, follow our best practice process of clean, protect and maintain. Whether you’re commissioning a new system or revitalising an old one, the benefits of adhering to this best practice include improved performance, increased energy savings, and longer system life.

The Sentinel System: Clean, Protect, Maintain

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OEM Endorsement

The use of Sentinel water treatment is endorsed by all major international boiler manufacturers to protect their products: our products are regularly recommended by name in boiler installation manuals. The relationships we have with the heating industry manufacturers extends beyond our reputation for quality products which perform effectively to training and other bespoke initiatives which ultimately benefit you, the installer.

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Got a Question?

We’ve developed a comprehensive support section, featuring FAQs, how-to guides, videos and other resources that you can access from a single search bar. We hope it will help answer any questions you may have about water treatment and Sentinel products.

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