Reducing energy use

International targets have been set for reducing CO2 emissions and eradicating fuel poverty. So it’s great that our products help people save energy. Smaller heating bills mean lower CO2 emissions, which helps to slow down climate change.

Our products protect boiler heat exchangers from scale build-up, making the system more efficient.

Once a system has been cleaned with Sentinel, the radiators will deliver more uniform heat throughout the property, so the boiler doesn’t have to work as hard to keep the house warm.

With Sentinel X500 Inhibited Antifreeze there’s no need to run the heating to stop it freezing up in cold weather. So why not disable the frost settings and make another saving on those heating bills?

Protecting heating systems

20% of newly installed boilers have a service visit within the first 24 months. But by protecting with Sentinel, everyone can relax – it’s prolonging the life of the heating system, so those maintenance vans stay in the car park, not on the road.

Helping you comply with environmental legislation, Standards and best practices

Sentinel products help heating installers to meet essential legal obligations, such as:

COSHH - Control of Substances Hazardous to Health

All Sentinel products are safe to use without the need for specialist protective equipment and can be safely flushed down domestic drains. 

Our products

Much of our product packaging is easily recyclable through local schemes.

Sentinel – a sustainable business

We are an ISO14001-accredited business, which means we keep a close eye on our environmental performance and we regularly assess potential ways to reduce our impact.

We work with environmental consultants Sustain Ltd to make sure we stay up to date and focussed on the right environmental goals. Our environmental claims are supported by independent laboratory tests and OEM data. 

Reach Compliance

Sentinel Performance Solutions Ltd is REACH compliant.

For the purposes of REACH legislation, Sentinel is considered to be a 'distributor' and as such we are not obliged to register substances. The ingredients contained in each of our products are registered by their respective manufacturer or importer for the product's intended application and we do not anticipate any change in our formulations nor interruption of supply as a result of implementation of the REACH legislation.

As a 'distributor', we have an obligation to pass on information about our products to our customers and this information is embodied in the latest Safety Data Sheets available for each of our products and downloadable from this website. Paper copies of these documents can be obtained by contacting us.

Sentinel certifies that none of its products contains any Substances of Very High Concern (SVHCs) as defined by REACH.