Intelligent, independent water testing for social housing

In an environment where transparency and accountability are of the utmost importance, we offer testing of heating system water through a fully independent laboratory. Confirmation of a job well done is provided as a simple PDF report, emailed to you and made accessible through our online portal.

Sentinel SystemCheck is the lab test service that works harder to give you clear insight into system condition, the quality of work undertaken and recommended next steps. We’ve evolved it beyond a one-off report into intelligent, interactive dashboards.

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Simplified reports

The reports themselves have an easy-to-follow layout and are designed to be useful to everybody, whether they are technically minded or not.

  1. Overall result: This will either be a pass (shown in green) or a fail (shown in red).

    Don’t fret if it’s a fail – the rest of the report is designed to help you to understand why the water sample failed and how to get that system back up to scratch.

  2. Recommendations box: If the water sample has failed, this is where you’ll find the required steps to get the system into a state that will ‘Pass’.
  3. System water feedback: Beside each of the tested categories, a symbol highlights whether the water has received a pass, an advisory warning or a fail for that particular analysis.
  4. Analysis results table: This table shows the values of your results, along with the Recommended Result to help you see how closely your results match the ideal values.

Once you are familiar with the individual reports, you can explore your results in the SystemCheck portal to understand more about performance over time.

Unparalleled insights

Traditionally, a water analysis service ends when the report is issued. But we’ve developed our SystemCheck portal to make our water analysis service smarter, allowing you to:

  • Track company performance across a variety of key metrics
  • Explore individual engineer performance
  • React quickly to any emerging issues with training for ongoing improvements

Multiple upload options

Upload multiple SystemChecks at once with our bulk upload feature. It makes use of software commonly used in offices already, such as Microsoft Excel.