Sentinel SystemCare - Best practice made simple

Why SystemCare?

SystemCare has a proven track record of reducing cost and call backs to help housing providers reach their heating and tenant satisfaction KPI's. 

It's a bespoke blend of training and quality products designed to deliver lifetime boiler protection by providing everything the heating engineer needs in a single box.

Best practice water treatment is made as fast and as simple as possible for installation and servicing teams, enabling heating systems to be cleaned and protected in line with regulations and boiler manufacturer recommendations. The benefits of adhering to water treatment best practice include improved performance, improved system reliability, increased energy savings for tenants, positive contribution towards meeting carbon targets, and, prolonged system life.

SystemCare's blend of products, training and reporting is bespoke for each and every project, tailored to your requirements.


The SystemCare product package

1 Litre Sentinel X800 Fast Acting Cleaner


Targets accumulated corrosion debris in as little as one hour.

1 Litre Sentinel X100 Inhibitor


Provides protection against corrosion and limescale, maintaining an efficient, reliable system.

Eliminator Vortex 300


Combines powerful magnetic filtration and unique Vortex Core to deliver effective retention of circulating system debris.

Sentinel SESI electrolytic scale inhibitor


A low-maintenance and cost-effective solution for the prevention of limescale build up.

Sentinel SystemCheck


Intelligent, independent water testing.



SystemCare has been designed with market-leading products and services to ensure that each boiler recieves the required type and level of water treatment upon installation.  To make the treatment process easy for customers and add value for tenants, we make sure stakeholders know how best to use Sentinel products to optimise heating system performance with Sentinel Certified training


System Water Analysis

Test results from leading OEM studies show that heating systems which have passed water quality assurance tests experience significantly fewer boiler breakdowns than systems commissioned to an average level.

A key part of the SystemCare process is the ability to provide independent testing and reporting on the quality of each commission using SystemCheck. Having a continuous quality assurance process ensures boiler warranties are validated and risk of system failure is greatly reduced.


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