The Sentinel System

Our mission is to make best practice solutions simple for heating installers, engineers and service teams. That’s why we’ve developed The Sentinel System, to help achieve optimum performance and reliability for every domestic and commercial heating system. Whether commissioning new systems or revitalising old ones, follow our best practice process of clean, protect and maintain.

The Sentinel System: Clean, Protect, Maintain

The benefits of adhering to this best practice include improved performance, improved system reliability, increased energy savings for tenants, positive contribution towards meeting carbon targets, and, prolonged system life.

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The SystemCare package is tailored to your project requirements in every way possible.

Boiler breakdown is inconvenient for both the homeowner and contractor. Through SystemCare, we can deliver a bespoke solution to each customer, helping to reduce the cost and disruption of emergency call-outs, whether for boiler replacement or repair.

Ongoing testing and training will ensure all systems receive the highest level of protection against water-related breakdowns, minimising time and potential costs. Sentinel goes beyond the initial install and promotes a process of lifetime protection.

Test results from leading OEM studies show that heating systems which have passed water quality assurance tests experience significantly fewer boiler breakdowns than systems commissioned to an average level.

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OEM Endorsement

The use of Sentinel water treatment is endorsed by all major international boiler manufacturers to protect their products in both the domestic and commercial markets. This support for quality water treatment is evident in boiler installation manuals, where Sentinel products are regularly recommended by name. The relationships we have with the heating industry manufacturers extend beyond our reputation for quality products to many joint educational and support initiatives, all of which ultimately benefit landlords and householders.

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Our Solutions

Social Housing - water treatment for housing associations.

For almost 30 years, we've delivered innovative and practical solutions to challenges presented by heating maintenance

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66% of interviewees agreed

that current budget pressures impacted their delivery of heating system service and maintenance projects.


Download our Safety Data Sheets, Product Fact Sheets, literature, white papers and more.

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Our comprehensive product ranges have been categorised using The Sentinel System to help you achieve best practice: clean, protect and maintain to achieve optimum performance and long system life, whether you are dealing with heating systems, hot water systems, or renewable energy systems.

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