Water Treatment for Social Housing

Why protect your boilers and heating systems?

While modern condensing boilers may be more efficient, their components are increasingly susceptible to scale and corrosion related breakdowns. To ensure your boiler stock and their manufacturer warranties are fully protected, it makes sense to commission the system to UK Building Regulation Part L requirements, by using quality water treatment and scale protection products.


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Sentinel SystemCare - best practice made simple

For almost 30 years we've delivered innovative, practical products and value added solutions to the heating industry.

Sentinel SystemCare continues this legacy by ensuring best practice cleaning and protection of boilers and heating systems. By using SystemCare products, you can be confident that system life and efficiency are maximised at install and throughout the system's lifetime.


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Independent Water Testing for Social Housing

Test results from leading OEM studies show that heating systems which have passed water quality assurance tests experience significantly fewer boiler breakdowns than systems commissioned to an average level.

A key part of the SystemCare process is the ability to provide independent testing and reporting on the quality of each commission using SystemCheck. Having a continuous quality assurance process ensures boiler warranties are validated and risk of system failure is greatly reduced.

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Our Solutions

Quality heating systems and associated water treatment can play a key role in reducing repair and maintenance overheads. At Sentinel, we understand the challenges of delivering protected heating systems in a social housing environment.

Ongoing testing and training will ensure all systems receive the highest level of protection against water-related breakdowns, minimising time and potential costs. Sentinel goes beyond the initial install and promotes a process of lifetime protection.


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OEM endorsement, internationally 

The use of Sentinel water treatment is endorsed by all major international boiler manufacturers to protect their products in both the domestic and commercial markets.

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