Visually demonstrates system water cleanliness

The Sentinel Turbidity Tube is a visual tool to help you judge which water treatment best practice solution is appropriate for each of your customers’ systems. Since it is a visual demonstration, you can share the results to reassure your customers that you are recommending the appropriate solution for them.


Key features

  • Use during customer calls to support quotations
  • Enables tailored water treatment recommendations
  • Shows the importance of cleaning a heating system

Available sizes

One size only (A-B tube)

Go the extra mile to assess system water using the Sentinel Turbidity Tube and share the result with your customer for an inclusive, educational approach to quoting for work. This visual tool helps to demonstrate system water cleanliness in a measurable way: important since systems are often not as clean as they first appear. This tube allows you to tailor your water treatment recommendations for each customer to give them the solution most appropriate for their system.

For guidance on how to use the Sentinel Turbidity Tube, please consult this guide.