For installation and maintenance checks on solar thermal systems

The Sentinel SolarCheck Test Kit contains everything you need, whether at initial installation or during ongoing maintenance, to monitor the health and performance of a flat plate collector or a vacuum tube solar heating system which uses glycol-based heat transfer fluid.

Key features

  • Checks frost protection level
  • Helps determine when fluid replacement is required
  • Checks orientation of solar panels
  • Checks thermal performance

Available sizes

One size available SOLARCHECK-TEST-KIT

Invaluable for both first fit and maintenance of solar energy collector circuits, the kit allows users to check the orientation of solar panels for optimum energy collection and can confirm the level and effectiveness of antifreeze in thermal fluid, providing a reliable way of determining the need for thermal fluid replacement.

The kit contains:

  • Compass
  • Radiator key
  • Pack of pH papers (range 6.0 - 10.0)
  • Mini Infra-Red (IR) thermometer
  • Refractometer
  • Sample bottle
  • Plastic dropper

SolarCheck Survey Sheet SolarCheck Instructions

The Sentinel SolarCheck Test Kit should be used during the following operations:

  1. At system installation: The refractometer is used to confirm that the system contains the correct level of antifreeze and orientation of the solar panels is checked using the supplied compass to ensure maximum solar energy collection.
  2. During periodic routine maintenance: The performance of the system is measured by taking temperatures at the top and bottom of the solar plate collector together with the inlet and outlet of the hot water storage tank, using the Mini Infra-Red Thermometer.

A sample of thermal fluid is taken and the appearance noted, the pH measured using the supplied pH papers and the level of antifreeze in the thermal fluid measured using the refractometer.

After a number of years the thermal fluid is likely to need replacing and by comparing the results from the assessment of the sample with the guideline figures provided in the kit instructions and on the SolarCheck Survey Sheet a reliable decision can be made as to whether thermal fluid needs to be replaced.

There is no Safety Information available for Sentinel SolarCheck Test Kit