For flushing, filling and venting solar thermal systems

The Sentinel SolarFlush unit is the quickest, most efficient way to flush, fill and vent solar thermal circuits. The unit is easy to move on pneumatic wheels and its large tank is easily cleaned and allows users to observe the progress of the operation.

Key features

  • Large capacity
  • Pneumatic wheels
  • -40C to 60C temperature resistant hose
  • Cast iron housing
  • Integral strainer
  • Manual drain valve
  • Dry self-priming pump

Available sizes

One size available SENTINEL SOLARFLUSH

The Sentinel SolarFlush is a multipurpose flushing and filling machine for use on solar thermal circuits. It is designed for flushing systems with Sentinel R200 Solar Cleaner to remove deposits and sludge from degraded solar thermal fluids and then for charging fresh Sentinel R100 Solar Thermal fluid into the circuit to the correct pressure. This maintenance process promotes more efficient operation of the solar thermal circuit.

It is easy to manoeuvre thanks to its pneumatic wheels, and it is suitable for use on uneven terrain such as a building site or stairs. The large tank is removable to enable easy cleaning and makes monitoring the progress of the cleaning or filling process straightforward.

Pump: Self-priming centrifugal (max. dry-run 1 min)

Housing cover: Cast iron

Max. flow rate: 31 l/minute

Max. pressure: 5.9 bar

Motor: 230V 1.7m cable with plug

Hose: ½” [DN 13]

Temperature: Max. 60°C continuous operation

Power: 0.59 KW

Height: 1000mm

Width: 495mm

Depth: 535mm

There is no Safety Information available for Sentinel SolarFlush