Filter for powerful magnetic filtration of system debris

Circulating debris in central heating systems can cause wear and premature failure of pumps, valves and heat exchangers. Sentinel Eliminator Vortex is the perfect filter solution to protect the system against all types of debris. To suit your requirements; the unit comes in two sizes: the standard Vortex 500, or the more compact Vortex 300.

The larger Vortex500 unit is equally adept at protecting systems with heat pump installations.

Key features

  • Equipped with dual seals with no requirement to replace at annual service
  • Manufactured to automotive standard TS16949 using high quality brass valves, all backed with 10 year guarantee
  • Two service methods
  • Two size options: large and compact
  • Anti-tamper drain valve
  • 360° positionable T-piece
  • Powerful 9000 Gauss magnet assembly with innovative Vortex Core
  • Non-blocking design
  • Vortex500 suitable for heat pump installations

To create the installer-friendly Vortex filter range, we’ve taken your favourite features from our previous range of Eliminator filters, such as their leak-free, non-blocking design and automotive build quality, and combined them with traditional magnetic filtration, a slim profile and close proximity to pipework for easy installation in tight spaces.

To ensure that there is always a unit to meet your requirements and the available installation space, there are two sizes of unit available in the range:

  • Sentinel Eliminator Vortex 300: a compact unit designed to fit small spaces which retains more magnetite than other leading small filters*
  • Sentinel Eliminator Vortex 500: offers a larger collection capacity

Both sizes have in-line installation and a rotating 360 T-piece making them easy to fit in a matter of minutes. Servicing can also be completed quickly: flushing debris through the drain valve in seconds or by removing the collar to show your customers the collected debris. To keep servicing as simple as possible, no bespoke tools are required to remove this collar and the seals do not need to be replaced.

The Vortex range continues the tradition of dependability of the original Eliminator filters, in both manufacturing and testing. Every single unit is pressure tested before it leaves the factory and comes with a 10 year product guarantee to give you total confidence.

Note: If you are considering Sentinel Eliminator Vortex for social housing properties, please see our page about SystemCare.

*Based on comparative testing conducted by KIWA GASTEC at CRE 2017

Installation and servicing instructions are available here or the product manual can be accessed below:

Eliminator Vortex manual

Sentinel Eliminator Vortex® 300

Product Fact Sheet

Sentinel Eliminator Vortex® 300 available via Sentinel SystemCare

Product Fact Sheet

Sentinel Eliminator Vortex® 500

Product Fact Sheet