Condensate neutraliser for domestic condensing boilers

In condensing boilers, high efficiency is achieved by using waste heat from the hot flue gases to pre-heat the water in the boiler instead of just being exhausted though the flue. However, in doing so, the flue gases are cooled and an acidic condensate is formed which is often simply discharged into the normal domestic drain.

Sentinel Condensafe+ is an in-line unit containing a special medium that will neutralise the acidic waste from condensing boilers.

Key features

  • Effectively neutralises acid waste
  • Fits all types of condensing boilers
  • Does not interfere with boiler operation or discharge of condensate from boiler
  • Stops harmful acid going down the drain
  • Easily replaceable refill
  • Easy clean and maintenance
  • Does not block
  • Compatible with Salamander acid neutraliser refill

An average domestic condensing boiler may produce 800 litres of acid per year at about pH 4.0, which adds up to millions of litres of acid discharged nationwide. Today, guidance in many countries requires that effluent is discharged to municipal sewers and water courses at between pH 6.5 and pH 10.0.

This is to protect mirco-organisms used in the biological purification processes in the septic tank or in the local water treatment plant, to lessen damage to the infrastructure of the drainage system and to help protect the environment as a whole. However, the effect of acidic condensate discharge is usually overlooked and needs to be addressed.

Sentinel Condensafe+ is an in-line unit containing a special medium that will neutralise the acidic waste from condensing boilers. Its innovative design* incorporates several unique features;

  • The flow of condensate through the unit is manipulated to achieve optimum contact with the medium ensuring effective neutralisation.
  • The unit does not restrict either the flow of condensate nor air through the discharge pipe and therefore is compatible with both constant (trickle) and periodic (siphon) modes of condensate discharge.
  • The unit also incorporates a trap to capture any debris washed into it from upstream with easy screw-cap access at its base to allow occasional cleaning.
  • In the unlikely event of flow being restricted by debris in the unit, Condensafe+ has a failsafe bypass channel, ensuring that condensate flow cannot be blocked and backed up to the boiler.
  • The neutralisation medium within the unit is contained in its own neutraliser bag. During the yearly boiler service, this neutraliser can be easily extracted and replaced by a refill bag via a second screw-cap access at the top of the unit. This means that, unlike some other products, the entire unit does not have to be replaced when the neutralisation medium is exhausted.

Neutralisation medium replacement

Condensafe+ neutralising material eventually becomes exhausted. To maintain optimum performance of the unit, the replaceable neutraliser bag should be renewed during each annual boiler service. Sentinel Condensafe+ is compatible with Salamander acid neutraliser refill.

*Condensafe+ is the subject of UK Patent GB2465662. Condensafe+ is also protected by European Community Design registration number 001052765-0001.