Compact brass filter to capture all types of circulating debris

Have you seen our new filter, Sentinel Eliminator? Its four hydrocyclones capture all types of circulating debris.

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If left to circulate, central heating system debris such as black iron oxides and spalled limescale can cause premature failure of pumps or valves or settle as deposits, impacting boiler efficiency and the effectiveness of the system. The Sentinel System Filter provides fast an effective removal of all types of debris commonly found in wet central heating systems.

Key features

  • Eliminates all types of circulating solids
  • Compact design
  • Solid brass unit
  • Integrated self-cleaning magnet for faster removal of debris
  • Proven technology

Available sizes

22mm A4 / SYSFIL

The Sentinel System Filter is a compact, sturdy solid brass filter for removing magnetic and non-magnetic particles circulating in domestic central heating systems. It provides fast and effective removal of all common types of debris, helping to maintain optimum system efficiency once the system has been cleaned and then protected.

The filter is simple to install and its integrated self-cleaning magnet accelerates initial removal of magnetite and its simple flushing point makes removing captured debris from the system quick and easy.

Technical Specifications:

Mounting: Vertical

Connectors: 22mm compression

Material: Brass

For dimensions, please view the Product Fact Sheet.

There is no Safety Information available for Sentinel System Filter