Check system water pH

Extremes of pH in central heating system water can leave components vulnerable to accelerated corrosion. The pH strip provides a quick, tried-and-tested method of establishing acidity or alkalinity and can be used to confirm if a central heating system is at increased risk due to either of these extremes.

Key features

  • Check system pH
  • Confirm if system is within acceptable range for reduced risk
  • 100 strips

Available sizes

One size only (100 pcs)
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When a central heating system is extremely acidic or extremely alkaline, corrosion of system metals can be accelerated, leaving its components at increased risk of damage. The range for reduced risk of corrosion is broadly accepted in the heating industry to be between 6.5 and 8.5. These strips will allow you to quickly determine where a system sits in relation to this range.

For guidance on how to use Sentinel pH Strips, please see the front of the pack.