Compact system filter without performance compromise

This product has now been discontinued and is unavailable; for continuing filter needs please visit

Sentinel Eliminator Nano® has been developed with installers, for installers. Using our Quadra-Cyclone® Technology we've developed a filter perfect for compact spaces but with the performance and quality you would expect from a large filter.

Key features

  • 223mm installation height for easy fitting in compact areas
  • Requires no additional space for servicing
  • Quadra-Cyclone Technology® filters both magnetic and non-magnetic debris
  • Robust brass T-piece ensures durable connection
  • Dual leak seals mean twice the confidence
  • Automotive quality materials
  • Manufactured in the UK

Available sizes

Sentinel Eliminator Nano ELIM-NANO-22MM-GB

Other filters rely on magnets to collect magnetic debris but to make a small filter means a compromise in magnet size. The Eliminator Nano has no magnets and uses the same Quadra-Cyclone Technology proven in Eliminator to continuously collect more debris than leading competitors.

Instead of a magnet, the Eliminator Nano's four hydrocyclones use centrifugal forces to throw all debris (not just magnetic) from the water flow.

WIth no magnet to clog, debris is simply deposited in the filter's chamber, allowing clean water to flow back into the system.

Easy to install and clean

The fitler can be fitted to either horizontal or vertical pipework by rotating the brass T-piece.

For simple cleaning and servicing, empty debris using the anti-tamper drain valve.



View and download the Sentinel Eliminator Nano installation manual:

Installation Manual

Flow rate: 16 – 22 l/min

Operating temp: 80ºC

Operating pressure: 3 bar

Mounting: Main unit upright vertical only – flow aligned with directional arrow

Connectors: 22mm compression

Total height: 22.3 cm

Total width: 10.8 cm (body)

Total depth: 15.5 cm (including T-piece)

Weight (boxed): 1.34 kg


View and download the Sentinel Eliminator Nano installation manual:

Installation Manual