Commercial X400 High Performance CleanerClean

For older commercial heating and cooling systems

Sentinel X400 has been formulated for the effective cleaning of heating circuits and closed cooling systems where there is a significant build-up of corrosion sludge. It will restore circulation to the system with its ruthlessly efficient formula, shifting build-ups of magnetite sludge, eliminating system cold spots and restoring even heat distribution. This improves the effectiveness of the heating system.

Key features

  • Restores systems suffering with circulation problems
  • Ideal for planned maintenance programmes. Prepares older systems for the installation of new components
  • Has a non-acid formula which does not cause pin-holing or leaks
  • Can be used in all types of indirect heating systems, including those containing aluminium

Available sizes

10L liquid X400-10L-DRUM
20L liquid X400-20L-DRUM

Triple Power

  • Cleans even bigger systems.
  • Available in 5, 10 and 20 litres.
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Sentinel X400 is ideal for use during a scheduled cleaning operation prior to when a new boiler or component is to be fitted to an existing system, or where circuits are partly blocked due to sludge build up. Reviving an old commercial heating or cooling system is more cost-effective than the installation of a whole new system, and if you are installing new components, cleaning the system beforehand will also prolong the effective life of the new component, reducing future maintenance and replacement costs.

Best practice, derived from documentation provided by industry organisations such as BSRIA or the Industrial & Commercial Energy Association (ICOM), is that an older commercial system should be thoroughly cleaned and flushed out before the installation of a new system component.

Sentinel X400 High Performance Cleaner should normally be dosed at 1% of system volume, i.e. 1 litre per 100 litres of system water. For systems with severe fouling, the dosage rate can be increased up to 5%.

The circulation pump of the system can be used to circulate the Sentinel X400 System Restorer solution; however equipment which provides a more rapid circulation can provide a more effective clean. When using an external cleaning rig, the product can be dosed directly to the buffer tank of the rig (follow equipment manufacturer’s instructions).

Sentinel X400 High Performance Cleaner should be circulated, preferably at normal operating temperature, with all valves open and the pump turned to maximum flow for a minimum period of 3 hours.

Where systems are badly fouled, a longer period of circulation (e.g., up to 4 weeks) is recommended, but the product will not clear a completely blocked pipe. There is no limit to the time for which the product can be safely left in the system.

After cleaning, the system should be drained and flushed until the water runs clear. On refilling, the system should be treated with Sentinel X100 Inhibitor or Sentinel X500 Inhibited Antifreeze.

It is recommended that Sentinel X400 High Performance Cleaner is used in accordance with standard cleaning and commissioning protocols such as BSRIA Guide “Pre-Commission Cleaning of Pipework Systems” or similar Water Treatment Guidelines from industry organisations such as the Industrial & Commercial Energy Association (ICOM).

Feed the product as follows:

External flushing rig: Feed the product in an area of adequate flow in the buffer tank. Follow the machine manufacturer’s instructions.

Open heating systems: Feed the product into an area of adequate flow or use a by-pass feeder.

Closed heating & cooling systems: If the system is empty, add the product to any convenient point before filling. If full, use a pressure dosing vessel to inject the product into the system.