Condensate neutraliser for commercial condensing boilers and heaters

Designed to eliminate the environmental impact of acidic water discharges reaching the waste water handling system of the utility companies, Sentinel Condensafe C4000 will ensure that small commercial premises discharging condensate do so in a responsible way and without contravening the Water Authority Guidelines.

Key features

  • Effectively neutralises acid waste
  • Helps protect the environment
  • Simple and fast installation
  • Eliminates need for a soakaway
  • Discharge capacity 4000 litres

Available sizes

Single size available:
Length: 350mm
Diameter: 54/60mm (main body)
Weight: 0.675kg

The release of acidic condensate waste from boilers can be damaging to the local environment. It is important to ensure the responsible disposal of acidic waste; failure to do so may contravene Water Authority Guidelines. The installation of a Sentinel Condensafe C4000 unit neutralises this harmful waste.

Easy to install and maintain, the unit protects septic tanks and sewers. It fits all types of small commercial condensing boiler and water heating units, providing an instantly-effective, economical solution to the problem of acidic condensate waste.

Instructions for installation are provided with the unit. For continued neutralisation, the neutraliser should be replaced periodically.

 Sentinel C4000
Discharge capacity:4000 litres @ pH 4.0
ConstructionThe unit comprises a cemented PVCu construction, holding sufficient neutralising agent for the volume mentioned. The unit's push-fit end fittings allow it to be mounted into a standard PVCu/ABS waste pipe.
Connection40mm* O/D PVCu/ ABS Pipe
Design Flow0-25l/min (1.5m 3/hr)
Weight0.675 Kgs
Materials UsedABS