High-efficiency, non-electric water softener

Technology, performance and simplicity of service for water treatment.

The Sumo softener is a high-performance, compact, non-electrical and economic way to combat the harmful effects of limescale on your appliances. Limescale can affect heating elements and cause premature breakdowns of appliances. Ideal for hard water areas.

The Sumo softener is the perfect solution for all properties wishing to combine the benefits of softened water with restricted spaces and performance demands.

Key features

  • Non-electric softener
  • Compact size
  • Simple installation, with all parts supplied
  • Proven volumetric technology and rapid regeneration

High performance technology and simple servicing make for easy water treatment.

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Fits standard UK pipe sizes

  • Installation kit provided

Bypass kit included

  • Simple and intuitive installation and service

High performance resin

  • Guarantees an effective water treatment

Reinforced tank

  • Bringing together robustness and aesthetics

WRAS approved

  • Complies with the high standards set out by UK water regulations

Integrated, sealed floor and compact chamber

  • Allows adaptation to even the tightest spaces, whilst avoiding salt build-up and encrustation

Salt capacity of 20 kg in blocks or 22 kg in pellets

  • Freedom of choice in your preferences of usage

Transparent cover

  • Quick and easy visualisation of system cycles and salt levels

Non-electric control valve

  • Innovative design guarantees reliability and simplicity

External regulation of water hardness

  • Precise and easy control of water hardness, ensuring maximum performance.

User manual for download available as a PDF or on the Glide app - perfect for mobile browsing!

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Technical Specification Sumo water softener
Flow rate 1.8 - 2.4 m3/h
Resin volume 5.7 Litres
Exchange capacity 136 ppm/m3
Connection (input/output) 3/4″ M

Connection (drain/hose)


(suitable for 32 mm and 40 mm waste pipe)

Installation kit Included
Maximum hardness 525 ppm
Softened water production Upward flow
Regeneration type Counter-current
Operating mode Volumetric
Water consumed during regeneration 25 litres
Regeneration time 11 minutes
Salt capacity 20 kg in blocks / 22 kg in pellets 
Salt used during regeneration 0.27 kg