Large filter designed for Air Source Heat Pumps

Powerful magnetic filtration of system debris with an 800 micron sieve to remove non-magnetic debris. Circulating debris in water heating systems can cause wear and premature failure of pumps, valves and heat exchangers.

Key features

  • 800 micron sieve with powerful magnet captures both magnetic and non-magnetic debris.
  • Robust GRP reinforced polymer body - suitable for system water with high glycol content.
  • EU manufactured brass valves
  • Dual seals, pressure tested on every single unit.
  • Ideal for air source heat pumps and where greater debris collection is required.
  • 10 year guarantee for complete reassurance of long lasting quality.
  • Flush valve safety feature
  • 360° adjustable T-piece
  • Flexible cleaning methods - Sieve can be removed during servicing for easy cleaning and the flushing.
  • Max. flow rate of 50 litres per minute
  • Compatible with Sentinel Rapid-Dose (300ml)

Available sizes

28mm ELIMV700-GRP28-EXP
1"1/4 ELIMV700-GRP1.25M-EXP

Why install a heat pump system filter? 

• Defend against build-up of installation debris, organic material, magnetic and non-magnetic sludge that can be found in low temperature systems

• Ensure efficiency of the heating system, reducing excess energy usage

• Protect system components such as pumps and heat exchangers from breakdown

A quality heat pump filter, like Eliminator Vortex700, captures harmful debris so it can be removed, for optimum system efficiency and service life.

Why choose Eliminator Vortex700?

Dual action

• Targets all types of debris in air source heat pump systems.

Fast installation

• 360° adjustable T-piece for in-line installation in minutes onto a variety of pipework orientations.

• 2 isolation valves included, in a choice of 3 sizes: 28 mm, 1″ M and 1¼″ M to suit heat pump pipework.

Simple servicing

• Flush in seconds under system pressure.

• Remove filtration chamber to inspect collected debris and clean the sieve - no specific tool required.

Quality confidence

• 10 year total product guarantee.

• Dual seals, pressure tested on every single unit.

• Reinforced polymer - suitable for high glycol content system water. 

Explore more about the Vortex700 in this video

Sentinel Eliminator Vortex utilises an 800 micron sieve and powerful neodymium-iron-boron magnets. The innovative
design reduces water flow rate and turbulence within the unit to enhance debris retention. The collected debris can be
simply flushed away by removing the magnet from its sleeve and opening the drain valve at the base of the unit. The
sieve can be removed and cleaned with a soft brush during servicing.