Sentinel and The Temporary Boiler Company - a partnership that's here to stay

Sentinel are extremely pleased to announce that we will be working with The Temporary Boiler Company, as their water treatment partner in this exciting new venture.

As the name suggests, the idea behind the Temporary Boiler Company provide exactly what the name suggests – where a temporary boiler is required, the Temporary Boiler Company will deliver in their unit, which will allow normal operating of a heating system, be it for repair, refurb or anything else in between. Of course, with the system being protected by Sentinel products, The Temporary Boiler Company can rest easy as their assets are being protected and monitored by Sentinel products.

In short, this is a mobile plant room, situated within a compact, manoeuvrable trailer. A practical alternative to large container based plant rooms, which take up lots of space as well as requiring plenty of costly equipment, to transport and manoeuvre the item. This is not the case for the Temporary Boiler Company, as their unit is compact and mobile, allowing for much greater flexibility in application. 

Size, flexibility and practicality were the key considerations for this unit and it is fair to say they have all been met with the Temporary Boiler Company’s innovation. The unit can be towed in without the need for specialist lifting equipment – everything is contained in the trailer.

The team behind the Temporary Boiler Company do the work for you, so there is no pressure on your part – naturally, this includes any worry around water treatment, as our products are in place to ensure ultimate system protection. Plumbing in, gas set up and decommission are all part of the service provided by the Temporary Boiler Company.

So, where and when might the Sentinel-protected Temporary Boiler Company unit be used ? Basically, practically anywhere! If there is a boiler or plant room setup, the unit can slot in and take its place. Whether an emergency shutdown in a building such as a hospital where hot water and heating must be maintained, a planned closure (e.g. school holidays), hotel refurbishment or redesign, the Temporary Boiler Company can help keep things running. 

We at Sentinel, are in partnership with the Temporary Boiler Company through not only our chemical range, but also through our physical range, as the Temporary Boiler Company have installed a Corrosion Monitor SCU on the client side of the system, providing timely warning of internal corrosion as well as recording the rate of corrosion over time, which can be downloaded and viewed via a dedicated Dashboard.

When the Temporary Boiler Company are cleaning a system using Sentinel’s market-leading chemicals and via their integrated system cleansing rig, , the Corrosion Monitor SCU will pick up the changes in the corrosion levels, which will assist in providing a ‘Proof Of System Flushing’. This certification can be downloaded via the Dashboard and provided to the end client.

The all-important boiler is in fact two boilers, supplied via Hamworthy Heating, alongside whom Sentinel have worked for many years in the commercial sector. The two boilers give the option of power outputs and backup, and come with a built-in BMS, including remote fault monitoring.

As demand dictates, The Temporary Boiler Company are currently working on the design of a dedicated temporary hot water generator, adopting the basic principles of the temporary boiler. Once again the Temporary Boiler Company will turn to Sentinel to protect their asset, by utilising the KalGUARD system, a commercial electrolytic scale inhibitor, to manage limescale deposits on their next project.

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