Sentinel’s ‘Think Dirty’ Campaign Up For Major Award

It’s exciting, titillating, and something that many of those in the HVAC industry lust after: the H&V News Awards. Sentinel is delighted to announce that it is a finalist for 2018. Over the past six months, Sentinel’s ‘Think Dirty’ campaign has aroused the interest of the entire industry, from installers and homeowners to merchants and boiler manufacturers. The campaign has also caught the attention of the H&V New Awards’ judges, who have shortlisted ‘Think Dirty’ for the coveted HVAC Initiative of the Year award.

With its tongue firmly in its cheek, Sentinel’s ‘Think Dirty’ campaign aims to bring the serious issue of dirty water circulating in the UK’s heating systems to the forefront of every installer’s mind. This is important, since approximately 35% of heating systems under five years old and more than 50% of systems over five years old suffer from dirty circulating water. This can cause early component failure, radiator cold spots, excessive energy consumption, low heat output and can invalidate boiler warranty. This all impacts on installer reputation, creating call-backs, complaints and, ultimately, loss of business.

The campaign encourages every installer to ‘think dirty’ when it comes to heating systems, raising the profile of best practice: cleaning with suitable cleaners and protecting a system once it is clean. Research shows that a dirty or improperly cleaned system can be attributed as the cause of up to 55% of pump failures and up to 83% of primary heat exchanger failures. This means that a huge majority of breakdowns could be avoided if installers were to ‘think dirty’ and keep cleanliness front of mind. In turn, their customers could benefit from lifetime heating system protection, with warmer homes and reduced energy bills as a result of greater system efficiency.

The ‘Think Dirty’ campaign has gained support throughout the sector for both its playful use of innuendo and its educational message. Beyond raising general awareness, the campaign is also helping the UK’s thousands of installers to select the most suitable cleaning agent for the different types of systems and dirt that they are faced with, thereby ensuring a better quality of clean to deliver the heating system longevity, performance and energy efficiency that the heating engineer’s reputation depends upon.

Will Sentinel’s Think Dirty campaign seduce the judges for a win? Only time will tell. The H&V News Awards ceremony takes place on the 19th April 2018 at London’s Grosvenor House Hotel. For more information, visit the H & V News Awards website.

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