Sentinel Commercial Works With ICOM to Promote Best Practice

In response to the high volume of poor water treatment related boiler and heating system problems in the commercial market, Sentinel Commercial joined forces with ICOM to assist in the production of its new Guide, ‘Water Treatment and Conditioning of Commercial Heating Systems’.

Detailing every aspect of best practice commercial water treatment, from initial cleaning and water analysis to inhibitor protection and system maintenance, the guide aims to arm specifiers, consulting engineers, contractors and installers with the information they need to achieve lifetime protection of boiler and system components.

The guide is crucial to a market that has no building regulations or formal product standards for commercial water treatment, and that is, as a consequence, plagued by poor water treatment practices. The results of inadequate water treatment can include premature repair and replacement of system components, reduced system efficiency, increased energy consumption, and even complete boiler failure.

Sentinel worked closely with ICOM throughout the production of the guide, lending experience, expertise and research that can help to ensure the delivery of best practice water treatment in an array of commercial systems.

Download the guide

You can also read what Chris Shelton, Commercial Sales Director at Sentinel, has to say about the business opportunities that the new guide represents in this month’s issue of BSEE.