Chester City Plumbing Supplies Packs in Sales with Sentinel

The Chester branch of leading national plumbing and heating merchant, City Plumbing Supplies, has taken a proactive approach to heating system protection, customer service and sales by offering a best practice Sentinel water treatment pack with every boiler sold. As a result, the store has not only seen a significant increase in sales of water treatment products, but is benefitting from even better relationships with its installer customers, who are able to ensure that proper boiler and heating system protection is in place on all boilers installed.

With everything an installer needs to clean, protect and maintain a heating system in one box, the City Plumbing Supplies’ Sentinel pack makes achieving best practice water treatment easy and straightforward. The pack includes Sentinel X800 Fast Acting Cleaner to remove installation debris or sludge build-up (Clean), Sentinel X100 Inhibitor to prevent corrosion and limescale (Protect), and X100 Quick Test Kit to check for adequate inhibitor levels (Maintain). Sentinel’s filter, the Eliminator 22mm Quadra-Cyclone Filter, which removes both magnetic and non-magnetic debris from circulating water, is also included to provide added insurance against corrosion and limescale.

According to Jamie Pain, the Heating Spares Manager at Chester’s City Plumbing Supplies who is responsible for driving this successful sales and service initiative, offering the Sentinel pack with new boiler sales is simply common sense:

“As well as being good for our business, installers get a great value pack that helps them to deliver best practice and avoid call-backs, and homeowners get a heating system that’s protected from corrosion and limescale, breakdowns and repairs, is more efficient, and lasts longer. Plus, it helps to keep their boiler warranty intact. It’s win-win for everyone,” he explained.

Jamie said that the Chester branch has sold hundreds of Sentinel’s high specification water treatment packs so far and had absolutely no complaints. In fact, says Jamie, the special price deal and added-value service has helped to increase customer loyalty:

“Installers really like the pack contents and they like the price; it really is excellent value as the cleaner and inhibitor basically come free. This means that they can make more money on every job without having to compromise on quality, because they’re getting premium Sentinel products.”

“We always take the time to explain the contents of the pack to installers, and the benefits it offers them and their customers. It’s this combination of excellent service and a really great value pack of industry-leading Sentinel products that is key. We’ve found that, on the whole, installers buy the pack once, love it, and continue to buy one every time they come back to City Plumbing Supplies for a new boiler.”

Jane Cawsey, Sentinel Area Sales Executive for North West and North Wales, has been working closely with the Chester branch of City Plumbing Supplies to support trade sales. “Jane has been a fantastic help, giving demos and organising events for our customers, putting stock on the shelves, and talking through the products with us so that we can deliver a better service to our customers,” explained Jamie.

“For example, she’s highlighted that best practice water treatment can protect a heating system for life, not just the components but also its energy efficiency rating. This is important, especially since boiler labelling came in under the ErP Directive. We pass this information on to installers, and that helps them to give their customers a better service, which in turn promotes business growth.”

With such a forward-thinking approach to customer service and sales, it’s little wonder that City Plumbing Supplies, which has been delivering specialist products and services to the plumbing and heating trade for more than 25 years, is the fastest growing merchant in the country with a nationwide network of more than 300 branches.

“We pride ourselves on supplying the very best products at great trade prices, and recommending reliable, high quality products that help our customers do their job better and faster. The Sentinel water treatment pack is one that we have absolute confidence to recommend, and our Chester branch’s approach to water treatment sales is a perfect example of the kind of service, drive, and dedication to long-term customer relationship building that has made City Plumbing Supplies the trusted choice for tradespeople,” concluded Nicola Clegg, Head of Marketing at City Plumbing Supplies.

City Plumbing Supplies carries the full Sentinel portfolio, including individual products such as Sentinel’s electrolytic limescale prevention device, SESI, and special pack deals expertly created to help installers deliver a superior, best practice service to homeowners.

Jamie Pain, Heating Spares Manager at City Plumbing Supplies, Chester