KalGUARD® cuts costs and helps legionella treatment

Scientifically proven to permanently prevent limescale formation in hot water systems, appliances and sanitary fittings, the KalGUARD® system from Sentinel Commercial is able to significantly slash energy and maintenance costs, whilst improving the effectiveness of legionella treatments. As a result, this innovative device is fast becoming the go-to limescale solution for hospitals, healthcare organisations and care homes across the country.

Limescale has a dramatic impact on secondary hot water systems and appliances, causing problems such as poor system performance, repairs and higher energy bills. British Water estimates that just 1.6mm of limescale can increase a heating system’s energy requirements by 12%.

KalGUARD, which comprises a zinc anode unit, water meter and controller, protects against the effects of limescale build-up, avoiding breakdowns and premature capital expenditure for appliance replacement. It works by permanently ‘conditioning’ water via an electrolytic process, a methodology recommended in the UK Building Services Compliance Guide to Part L. The device has been independently verified by tests at Cranfield University.

When fitted on a rising main, WRAS-approved KalGUARD provides whole-system protection and boasts significant savings on consumables, maintenance and water in comparison with other limescale prevention solutions.