Ultra-compact, ultra-convenient – Vortex250 delivers!

Sentinel are delighted to announce the expansion of our successful Eliminator Vortex system filter range, by releasing our first ultra-compact magnetic system filter, the Eliminator Vortex250. Having listened to market feedback, we have designed a horizontal, front facing filter which can be fitted in the most restrictive of spaces whilst delivering fantastic debris capture.

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Revolutionary Benchmark ‘boiler passport’ app launched

As a member of HHIC, Sentinel have worked closely with the HHIC on development of the important new app from Benchmark, which is now live!

The move aims to digitise the Benchmark scheme, making boiler care easier for everyone involved. Full installation, servicing, and commissioning data history is all available within the app, leading it to be described as a ‘boiler passport’.

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Part L amendments: filter installation and inhibitor checks become compulsory

This items explores and summarises the Part L changes. We have highlighted to top five changes which have been made and how they will affect you.

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Part L revision mandates annual check of heating systems for cleanliness & inhibitor levels plus fitting a filter

Building Regs, Part L and BS7593 Update: your questions answered

Following a consultation period, Part L of the building regulations, has recently been updated and is due to go live very soon.

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Every day is a school day, for homeowners and their heating systems

A recent study carried out by the HHIC has revealed that almost half of homeowners do not have their boiler serviced regularly, and approximately 3 million UK households may never have had their boiler serviced.

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