Every day is a school day, for homeowners and their heating systems

A recent study carried out by the HHIC has revealed that almost half of homeowners do not have their boiler serviced regularly, and approximately 3 million UK households may never have had their boiler serviced.

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Business Update January 2021

Sentinel send their best wishes to you as we enter 2021, and would like to remind everyone that we remain open and at your service.

Our staff and warehouse continue to operate as normal, and deliveries will continue to be sent.

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Lockdown 2 Business Update

As we move into the second lockdown in the UK, we would like to take this moment to reassure all of our customers that it’s business as usual for Sentinel.

Key lines are stocked in our warehouse and are ready to be distributed to our many merchant partners up and down the land, meaning stock can be delivered to customers on time and in full as soon as possible.

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Green Homes Grant Scheme - how can we help your heat pump system?

Heat Pumps and the Green Homes Grant Scheme

Heat pumps are expected to make up a significant proportion of the work on the government’s Green Homes Grant Scheme. After clarification on the government’s Green Homes Grant Scheme, we at Sentinel are taking this opportunity to bring our range of associated products to the fore.

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Sentinel Statement on 'Green Homes Grant Scheme'

As a company who have always promoted energy efficiency, Sentinel welcome the recent news of the Green Homes Grant initiative, which aims to ensure homes are made energy efficient, minimising the nation’s carbon footprint and reducing fuel poverty., by offering grants to cover two-thirds of the costs of modifications to properties.

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