KalGUARD Sizing and Drawings

Sizing advice

The KalGUARD limescale prevention system provides permanent treatment and is made up of several components:

  • KalGUARD anode: electrolytic component which delivers technology for limescale prevention
  • Wall mounted controller: can be wired into a site BMS if required to provide alarm functionality
  • Water meter: controls operating functions of the KalGUARD system and ensures maximum life expectancy
  • Inline filter: (optional) removes suspended solids/dust

The size of KalGUARD anode required relates to the flow rate of the system. Please refer to the following table to select the most appropriate KalGUARD system for your needs. If you are not sure about what you need, please refer to the adjacent contact details: your local Sentinel Commercial expert will be able to assist. KalGUARD is best positioned on the incoming main for whole system limescale control and is optimised on the building demand, not simply on pipe diameter.

Flow rate up toRecommended anode
37 litres/min22mm
64 litres/min28mm
96 litres/min35mm
142 litres/min42mm
255 litres/min54mm
423 litres/min67mm
523 litres/min76mm
1099 litres/min108mm


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