Kalguard Servicing and Commissioning


The Sentinel KalGUARD system has very low maintenance requirements, however we advise an annual service for customers who want to operate a planned maintenance programme and/or gain a 3 year warranty.

KalGUARD Servicing includes:

  • an on-site visit from a Sentinel technician
  • system status assessment
  • system service
  • condition report/service certificate


Following your purchase, our Customer Experience team will be in touch by email to schedule your appointment.

Please note:

  • The KalGUARD service, as with all our site visits is normally undertaken in normal working time. Out of hours actions will attract a premium charge.
  • Any materials needed to replace the existing main components would be charged for separately. These would be priced up and submitted for approval subsequent to the visit.
  • KalGUARD servicing is only available for systems that have been commissioned by a Sentinel technician. 


KalGUARD warranty conditions

Warranty period


1 year

KalGUARD system kit only

2 years

KalGUARD system kit with commissioning by Sentinel technician

3 years

KalGUARD system kit with commissioning and servicing by Sentinel technician



Commissioning of the KalGUARD is vital to ensure that it is set up correctly to operate and essential to extend the standard years’ warranty. This visit is included in the original purchase price of the complete system.

It is carried out by our own engineers and arranged following the successful completion and receipt of the pre commission check sheet.

To schedule your commissioning please enquire below for availability.