International Distribution Enquiry

If you are interested in becoming a Sentinel distributor in your country, then we would like to speak to you about selling Sentinel in your market. Below is a case study of our Turkish distribution partner, as an example of how we operate in a market.

At the bottom of this page is a form which you can fill in, and a Sentinel representative will contact you.

Sentinel in Turkey

“My name is Hakan Yildiz and I represent Sentinel Performance Solutions in Turkey. 

I have been working in partnership with Sentinel since 2016. My company, SARTU INDUSTRIAL, based in Istanbul, is responsible for importing and distributing Sentinel products across Turkey. 

Within the market, my company is recognised as Sentinel Turkey which emphasises the strong and close relationship which we enjoy with Sentinel.

Our distribution network is through targeted customers in the heating and plumbing market, which include some of the largest organisations in the industry.

The primary objective that we have is to sell to our selected targets, as well as working with our sales team to ensure the Sentinel brand is strong and well-known in the right places. Sentinel provide local market support from their central office, whilst also giving the freedom to allow us to work and distribute to the market.

Working with a company such as Sentinel has allowed me to become closely involved with their international schemes, which has been beneficial to me, whilst the company have been able to benefit from my experience and knowledge.

In Turkey we offer both domestic and commercial Sentinel products. This means we service all sectors of the Turkish market with Sentinel products, from individual tradesmen, to major boiler manufacturers as well as industry sectors such as hotel chains.

The commercial sector is a rapidly growing market in Turkey and we have been working together so that commercial products can be sold correctly and profitably within the market. There are opportunities for rapid growth which we are exploring, in conjunction with Sentinel’s Head Office team to successfully convert these opportunities into sales.

A further benefit of working with Sentinel is our renowned training programme and technical support. This includes ongoing support and training for my sales team, which allows us to remain at the top, as well as carrying out training in the market on behalf of Sentinel. The ability to go in and carry out training confirms the strong relationship with customers in our market, allowing us to build and consolidate on the business we have done.

If you would like to find out more about becoming a Sentinel distributor in your market, please use the form below to fill in your details, and a Sentinel representative will contact you to discuss.”