The Sentinel System

Our mission is to make best practice solutions simple. To help you achieve optimum performance and reliability for every domestic central heating system you work on, follow our best practice process of clean, protect and maintain. Whether you’re commissioning a new system or revitalising an old one, the benefits of adhering to this best practice include improved performance, increased energy savings, and longer system life.

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OEM Endorsement

The use of Sentinel water treatment is endorsed by all major international boiler manufacturers to protect their products: our products are regularly recommended by name in boiler installation manuals. The relationships we have with the heating industry manufacturers extends beyond our reputation for quality products which perform effectively to training and other bespoke initiatives which ultimately benefit you, the installer.

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Water Treatment and Legislation

The best practice that we encourage our installers to follow is largely driven by The UK Building Regulations for Domestic Properties. Part L specifically covers the conservation of fuel and power, with a large emphasis on ensuring the energy efficiency of domestic premises. This means that installers play a huge role in improving the energy efficiency of the UK’s homes, by keeping your customers happy with warm, efficient systems and lower bills.

Here are some of the most important points where water treatment is concerned:

For Heating Systems:

A new heating system should be cleaned and treated with a corrosion and scale inhibitor.

An existing system having a new boiler fitted should be cleaned to remove debris in the system and then protected against limescale and corrosion build up.

Inhibitors used in systems must be Buildcert approved.

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For Hot Water:

Electrolytic inhibitor devices are recommended as a suitable measure for reducing limescale build up where mains total water hardness exceeds 200 parts per million.

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For Renewable Energy Systems:

Renewable energy systems must be cleaned and protected similarly to traditional heating systems.

Special care should be taken to protect heat pump systems against problems associated with bacterial contamination.

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Got a Question?

We’ve developed a comprehensive support section, featuring FAQs, how-to guides, videos and other resources that you can access from a single search bar. We hope it will help answer any questions you may have about water treatment and Sentinel products.

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