Award winning landlord specifies Sentinel SystemCare

Berneslai Homes manage 18,500 properties on behalf of Barnsley Council and were voted number one in the UK’s top 50 social landlords list by a national poll conducted by 24housing in 2017.

As a responsible, award-winning landlord Berneslai Homes is at the forefront of initiatives and are always looking to improve efficiencies for their tenants.

Our Service

Sentinel provided training and products to enable Berneslai Homes to conduct a sample of forty of their central heating systems. The results showed that over 60% of systems tested did not have the correct inhibitor levels.

The results highlighted the need to create an improved water treatment policy. Working closely with the team at Berneslai Home, Sentinel helped implement a new installation and flushing procedure for their installers, which was fast, repeatable and cost-effective.

Our Goals

Berneslai Homes have now swapped to Sentinel’s one box water treatment solution, SystemCare that incorporates X100 Inhibitor, X800 Cleaner, Vortex 300 magnetic system filter and SESI electrolytic scale reducers. The Sentinel SystemCare package combines market-leading products with value added services such as ongoing testing, training, and consultation. Berneslai Homes and Sentinel Performance Solutions are looking at putting an end to water treatment issues within their housing stock and continue to improve on the 88% overall satisfaction with repairs and maintenance (up 26% in 2017).