About KalGUARD

Limescale prevention for commercial and non-domestic properties

Sentinel KalGUARD is an electrolytic scale inhibitor kit for commercial hot water systems. The KalGUARD system is an independently-proven, low maintenance way to protect a property against the damaging and expensive impact of limescale.

KalGUARD is widely specified and installed for major commercial clients such as Whitbread Premier Inn, ASDA, Marks & Spencer, Sainsburys, Holiday Inn, Marriott International Hotels, McDonalds, Tesco, KFC, and more.


Available sizes

KalGUARD systems are available for the following pipe sizes:

  • Large (67, 76 & 108mm)
  • Medium (28, 35, 42 & 54mm)
  • Small (22mm)

Commissioning and Servicing

The Sentinel KalGUARD system has very low maintenance requirements, but for customers who want to operate a planned maintenance programme, we offer low level annual or biannual service packages.

We recommend a commissioning visit to evaluate site parameters and set up the KalGUARD system to suit local conditions such as water hardness and water usage profiles.

Warranty periodConditions
1 yearKalGUARD system kit only
2 yearsKalGUARD system kit with commissioning by Sentinel technician
3 yearsKalGUARD system kit with commissioning and servicing by Sentinel technician

What's included in the KalGUARD system?

In addition to the KalGUARD 'in-line' anode unit, the package also includes:

  • Wall mounted controller: can be wired into a site BMS if required to provide alarm functionality
  • Water meter: controls operating functions of the KalGUARD system and ensures maximum life expectancy
  • Inline filter: removes suspended solids/dust which can be disturbed

Proven performance

The electrolytic zinc anode limescale control technique as used in the KalGUARD system is listed in the UK Building Regulations - Part L Building Services Compliance Guide, whereas "external to pipe" water conditioning techniques (for example using magnetic or electronic effects) are not mentioned.

KalGUARD's low level zinc additions change the water chemistry and inhibit the formation of limescale by transforming calcium carbonate crystals in such a way that they cannot easily build as limescale on surfaces.

As KalGUARD's treatment does not decay after dosing, only one unit is needed to treat the whole location, offering an attractive Value Engineering opportunity.

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