Collaboration avec les industriels

The use of Sentinel water treatment products is recommended worldwide by all the major boiler manufacturers to protect their products, on the domestic and collective markets. The installation and maintenance manuals for boilers mention the invaluable help that Sentinel products, which are very often cited, provide in the context of quality water treatment.

In addition to our own rigorous test benches, manufacturers in the heating industry regularly conduct compatibility and performance tests to ensure that our products provide the best solutions, which confirms our place in the aforementioned documentation d 'installation and maintenance. By consulting these documents, installers are sure to provide the best solutions to their customers.

Our relationships with these heating industry manufacturers go far beyond our reputation as a manufacturer of quality products. We collaborate with them on joint initiatives at the technical and commercial levels, in marketing and research and development, in order to provide the best products and services to installers and, consequently, to owners and lessors. The training we provide to these manufacturers, whether on site or on their own premises, is considered the best in the industry.

Distributing our products in the same distribution networks as these manufacturers, Sentinel products are offered at each point of sale alongside their products, whether boilers, solar thermal panels, heat pumps or radiators.

These international manufacturers in the heating industry trust Sentinel and specifically recommend our products: