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Acid test and information material for end users and installers

Many plumbers do not recommend treating the heating water to their customers because they are afraid of having to first explain why this is necessary. With the Sentinel acid test and the flyer "Your guide to a functioning heating system" you can convince your customers quickly, easily and permanently.

Order today the free Sentinel information package for you and your customer meeting - consisting of an acid test and flyers to pass on to your customers as well as a product brochure for you!

Installer talking to customer with free information material from SentinelThe acid test: showpiece for the customer

It couldn't be any clearer: Order the Sentinel acid test free of charge to show your customers how the Inhibitor X100 works!

The acid test consists of a handy box with two tubes, each filled with tap water and a steel nail. Additionally, Sentinel X100 was added to one of the tubes. And that is clearly recognizable: the nail in the untreated tap water rusts, forms suspended matter, the water is visibly contaminated. The nail in the water treated with Sentinel X100 is completely different: no change can be seen in this tube, the nail has not rusted, the water is clean.

X100 has formed a protective film on all system components and stably buffered the pH between 7.0 and 8.5, which has anti-corrosive effects. In this way, you can explain to your customers in a very short time: "What happened here also happens in your heating system: without effective protection, rust develops."

Installers who already use the acid test in customer contact confirm: That makes an impression!

For all customers who want to know exactly:
The flyer "Your guide to a functioning heating system"

The Sentinel flyer "Your Guide to a Working Heating System" is specifically designed for end users. With the help of this flyer, your customers can easily understand why water treatment is necessary.

Clear graphics, quotes and recommendations make it clear that as a homeowner you can only benefit from the system cleaning - protecting - maintaining .

For all installers who want to offer the perfect all-round protection:
The brochure "Complete system for heating water treatment - The Sentinel product range"

The package also includes a product brochure on the extensive Sentinel product range. Because Sentinel offer you everything you need to clean, protect and maintain heating systems as well as cleaning and care products for thermal solar systems.

In the brochure you will find out exactly which products you use best for what: Download the Sentinel product brochure

Flyer and product brochure in the free Sentinel Infopack